Strippers Wanted

Tired of working with a big head for little money? Is it true that you are tired of being left with money in your pocket most of the time? And is it true that you are tired of thinking all month long about paying the rent? If you want to start living well without making too much money, it's just up to you.
If you have self-confidence and you look good, then it's time to take advantage of it and fulfill a dream for yourself.
Also live a night life and enjoy every moment, also work only when you feel like it, and also earn insane amounts of money.
Strippers are needed
We are looking for full of energy strippers who love the nightlife and are ready to be hot stars at bachelor parties.
Blue Dance, one of the leading stripper agencies in the State of Israel, offers you the opportunity to join a large team of strippers and be part of the family.
With no obligation and no binding contracts and of course no deposit, Erotic Dance works solely on mutual trust.

There is no commitment to hours and days and you choose the days and hours that are convenient for you to work.
The work can also suit female students, female soldiers, and even girls who work or study during the week without interfering with daily life.

The work is in light strip shows, and it is possible to appear with a mask.
For all the performances there is an escort and a security guard attached and of course the shuttle home and back.

So if you want to finally get out of financial stress and start living a life full of adrenaline, your place with us ...

Strippers all over the country! Each of our strippers is ready for parties. Strippers from the "Bananot" agency. Our strippers and models are best suited for a bachelor party anywhere in the country. Stunning and amazing vibrant strippers. Models for bachelor parties to order.


Up to 50,000 per month